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Requests must be safe for work (no gore, nudity, language, ect.)

Requests cannot be a full comic series (Like "A Blazing Friendship")

Trades must be fair. (No drawing me a stick figure and having me digitaly edit Adam
Savage so he has laserbeam eyes in return)

Collaborations must also be fair. (No having me draw Link and you draw Navi and say we
all did an equal amount of work)

That is all. Thanks for reading! ^_^

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Bryce Heimuller
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Welcome to my page!
If you've stumbled here by accident, feel free to check out some of my art!
If you're a brony, consider checking out my fan comic A Blazing Friendship:

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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 11:54 AM
I have been tagged by the fantabulous :iconsartisian:

1. You must tag 10 people
2. You must answer the 10 questions given to you by your tagger and give 10 different questions to the people you tag.
3. You must share 10 things about yourself.
4. You must post the rules. 
5. You MUST have fun!
6. No tag backs.

10 Facts about me:

1.) My doctor recently suggested that I consume more bacon in the morning, because I haven't been getting a sufficient amount of protein or fat around breakfast.
2.) Having my rats crawl around inside my shirt helps me relax. (Normally that would stress some people out, but their fur is so soft and fuzzy >w<)
3.) I went to Hawaii this summer!
4.) I left my cell phone on a roller coaster, got it back a few hours later at the lost and found area, and it barely had any dents in it from all the times it went through the coaster.
5.) I played Skyrim so much one time, that I expected a "Open Door" icon to appear when I stood in front of my bedroom door.
6.) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I play Skyrim now.
7.) Some of you know this, but I've been hired to do art for my dad's office :D (Big Grin)
8.) Navi is the most hyper rat I've ever had. The longest she's sat still while awake has been 6 seconds. Her energy is so fun to watch!
9.) My younger sister Julia (not on dA) technically owns the rat named Zelda, but I still get to hold her and give her treats :) (Smile)
10.) I'm currently taking parkour classes, and it's the only sport activity that I've actually enjoyed so far.

Questions from Sartisian

1. How is life?
It's been a fun summer! I just did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge recently: 
2. What is your favorite movie?
As of yesterday, Hot Rod is now my favorite movie.
3. Do you have a favorite catchphrase?
Dude, nice!
4.  What is your favorite subject to study?
Probably Science, because there are tons of videos about it online.
5.  What are you thinking about right now?
That question. (Before that, I was thinking about giving my rats some treats)
6.  SCENARIO TIME!!!! You are walking down the street and run into (Pick your favorite character from any show or game or whatever) and they ask you to come with them to save the world what do you do?
Text mom "brb" so she won't worry where I am, and SAVE THE WORLD LIKE A BOSS.
7. Blue Pill or the Red Pill?
Why not both? :iconwhynotbothplz:
8. What's your favorite number?
8. It's half of 16; which is the maximum about of books, eggs, ender pearls, buckets, signs, and snowmalls you can stack in Minecraft. (Also the resolution of all the block textures. 16 is half of 32, which is 10 less than 42 (the meaning of life). 32 is half of 64, which is the maximum amount of other items you can stack in Minecraft, and it's 8 squared. Also, all multiples of 8 are tiles in the app 2048 and infinity sideways is 8.
9. Whats your favorite type of animal?
Domesticated Rats. (Both fancy and dumbo rats are cute)
10.  Do you have a favorite youtube channel? (Examples: Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, Smosh, Chuggaaconroy, etc....)
I like vgperson's channel, because she translates a lot of vocaloid music. I also enjoy Tobuscus, Smosh, and RhettandLink.

My questions for you:

1.) (For those who have seen Madoka Magica) Who's your favorite magical girl?

2.) If you could wish for anything (besides more wishes or something that results in you receiving more wishes), what would you wish for?

3.) Do you have any siblings?

4.) Have you ever moved before?

5.) Orange Fanta or Orange Crush?

6.) Favorite band? Favorite song?

7.) Why did you initially join dA?

8.) Which do you enjoy the most: Reading books, watching TV, or playing video games? (Comics count as books too for this question)

9.) This question has been eaten by 7.

10.) Are you a wizard?

I'm tagging some other people this time to give the main group of people I usually tag a break:
:iconcorinnycat: (I know where you live)

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Vocaloid
  • Reading: Yotsuba
  • Watching: Nichijou
  • Playing: Ocarina of Time
  • Eating: HUMAN FLESH
  • Drinking: I'm a Denisian. I absorb anime through my skin.

What would you like to see me upload more often? 

7 deviants said Comic strips
2 deviants said MLP fanart
2 deviants said Video Game fanart (Zelda, Pokemon, ect.)
No deviants said Photos of Navi, Zelda, and/or Tetra
No deviants said Other (Comment)

FanArt :D

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